How fake life made me rich – Kcee

  • Kcee revealed how his fake life made him rich.

  • Kcee reveals how his pattern of life inspired his career.

    How fake life made me rich – Kcee
    How fake life made me rich – Kcee

Nigerian singer, Kcee has discussed how having a false life got him to success and made him start writing songs.

The “Limpopo” singer, stated in an interview with TVC’s Wake Up Nigeria that he had to simulate living a lavish lifestyle in order to carve out a niche for himself in the highly competitive entertainment industry.

His words:

“Well, growing up I started with showing you so much bling. Showing you that I’m expensive even when I was living in one room. I was showing people that oh I have lifestyle. I would to somewhere around Surulere, buy those big jackets. to Yaba.

“I tried to live luxury life I’m not even [living]. But I was already seeing myself in that picture. And what happened was, people started seeing me in that light. I started writing songs showing that okay, I’m very expensive. I’m rich. And like joke like joke, I started living the life. I started thinking towards that direction.

“And today, I’m excited that by the grace of God, I’m living real. I used to wear fake [chain] a lot, they used to burn my neck. You will see the iron burning my neck. When sun me, it burns my neck. But today, I wear IceBox. So it’s a journey you need to build and create. Illusion and God will help you be there. So my advice is create something for yourself.”

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