Graham Potter reveals how he spends his holiday during World Cup break

  • Graham Potter recounts his vacation activities while the World Cup is in session.

Graham Potter reveals how he spends his holiday during World Cup break
Graham Potter reveals how he spends his holiday during World Cup break

Chelsea head coach, Graham Potter has revealed how he spends his holiday during the World Cup break, admitting that he worries about Chelsea while on vacation.

Graham Potter has disclosed that Chelsea’s dismal in the weeks leading up to this winter’s World Cup break almost made a holiday with his wife unpleasant, but he was able to overcome those emotions and now feels the board’s support.

Following a run of three straight losses and six games without a victory, the Blues have slipped to eighth place in the Premier League standings, one spot behind Potter’s former team .

Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s return to on Tuesday against Bournemouth, Potter acknowledged that while on vacation with his wife in California last month, this disastrous run never left his thoughts.

He said:

“I would rather have gone on holiday with a couple of wins behind me, because I probably would have been better company for my poor wife. As it was, I’m staring into the Pacific Ocean, and she’s thinking about what a wonderful time we’re having, and I’m thinking about Chelsea Football Club,” 


“But thankfully she’s been with me long enough to know that that’s how it is, and then you have to use the pain, the frustration, the disappointment of the last few weeks to say, OK, how can we go forward?

“And then, like anything, a bit of distance gives you that time, a bit of perspective, and then it’s about how you can start the process of integrating all the players back and taking the learning of that time and saying OK, we need to show some direction here.”

Potter then added that he feels fully supported by the board despite this downturn in on-pitch fortunes throughout the autumn.

He continued: “[I have] fantastic support. I’m really looking forward to the weeks and the months and the years ahead. We understand where we’re at at the moment and we understand the challenges ahead but that’s where we are in the journey at the moment,”

“I’m even more confident, even more aware of the support I have now than I was three months ago when I took the job. So that tells you something. It’s a credit to them and their support and how they have communicated with me – it’s been fantastic. We all know the pressure and the demands at this club but we have also got enough people who can see the perspective and where we are at to able to say, ‘this is where we are, how can we improve?’”


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