Wolves confirm signing of Matheus Cunha from Atlético Madrid

  • Matheus Cunha’s transfer from Atlético Madrid to has been confirmed.

Wolves confirm signing of Matheus Cunha from Atlético Madrid
confirm signing of Matheus Cunha from Atlético Madrid

Matheus Cunha, the first incoming player for under new manager Julen Lopetegui, has been formally confirmed as signing from Atletico Madrid.

The loan agreement for the Brazilian international player until 2027 will turn into permanent one provided certain conditions are met.

Cunha made an impression while playing for Hertha Berlin and RB Leipzig before joining Atletico in 2021. However, under Diego Simeone, the 23-year-old faded from view following strong rookie season in which he scored six goals, starting just two league games.

He joins a team that is actually fighting for its Premier League life and is currently 15 games from the bottom of the standings.

He told the Wanderers’ website: “I’m really excited to be part of this group and to be part of this club – it’s big club.


“I’m excited to play in the Premier League, to play in Wolverhampton, and I think the most important point is that I’m happy like a kid.

“I know him [Lopetegui] as we’ve played against each other three or four times, and he’s a big coach, he has a big mentality.

“He told me about him joining Wolverhampton and Wolverhampton having a big project and I took to the project, in it a lot, and in him. I also believe in the players, and I believe in the club.

“The situation I’ve come into is not the best one. We need to take a little bit points. But in the club, a lot in the coach, the mentality he has and he has many things to do here in Wolverhampton with the players, but the quality of the players is unbelievable.

“He’s a great person also, and I think together, we will put Wolverhampton where Wolverhampton needs to be.”


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