Ayra Starr Explains How “Bloody Samaritan” remix with Kelly Rowland Came About.

  • Opens Up On How The Kelly Rowland “Bloody Samaritan” Feature Happened

  • shares how the “Bloody Samaritan remix with Kelly Rowland happened

Ayra Starr Explains How "Bloody Samaritan" remix with Kelly Rowland Came About.
Explains How “Bloody Samaritan” remix with Kelly Rowland Came About.

, a Nigerian Gen Z artist recently had a blockbuster hit with “Bloody Samaritan,” opened up about how the Kelly Rowland appearance on the song came to be in an interview with the international publication Fault Magazine.

The singer, is on the of the publication, discussed her talent, the deluxe edition of her debut album, 19 & Dangerous, as well as her star-studded collaborations.

Speaking on the Bloody Samaritan remix, said; “I remember Kelly did a video of “Fashion Killer” for an Instagram video. My mum is always the one sending me every single video, every single thing that is happening concerning my career. When I hit number one, everything, my mom is the one telling me, ‘Oh, you just hit number one.’


She sent me the Kelly video and I was so excited. I think I was ready following Kelly on Instagram actually and I reposted it and sent her a message telling her, ‘Thank you so much for using my song and everything.’ Two weeks after, she she wanted to be on the remix of “Bloody Samaritan” and I was shocked she even knew the song. She recorded her verse and sent it to me a week after.

I’ve had other remixes, but that one was just crazy ‘cause she went IN. It’s just the best remix I’ve ever had in my entire life.”

also shared how she felt when she listened to the remix, saying; “My mouth was just open. I was like, ‘What?!’ And it just kept getting better, like how she came in, how she continued. I was really shocked, but I was amazed. I was like, she’s so good!”

The remix of “Bloody Samaritan” with Kelly Rowland was released on the 28th of September with the visuals coming out a week after.

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