Cassper Nyovest worries about the future of south africa

  • Is South Africa’s future bright? Cassper Nyovest is anxious

  • Cassper Nyovest is concerned about the future of South Africa.

Cassper Nyovest worries about the future of south africa
Cassper Nyovest worries about the future of south


Cassper Nyovest tweeted on Wednesday about his fears, mentioning the increased corruption, crime, hostility, and lack of leadership that is still present in South Africa.

Nyovest says he gets anxious whenever he thinks about those things mentioned.

“I fear for our nation. I fear that things will get worse because things are getting worse. The crime, the corruption, the lack of leadership, the lack of morals, and the hatred we have for our people is scary. It gives me so much anxiety. Is there a future for South Africa? Aneva JO!!”

In response to Cass’ tweet, his fans and followers offered suggestions.

Meanwhile, Cassper Nyovest has made clear his intentions to resume music production in its entirety. Taking to Twitter, the  shared that his businesses are taking much of his time.

As one of the new producers approached him about producing  whole album with him, Cassper stated that he will working with several of them.


The rapper revealed his excitement about preparing to release his first collaborative album in 2023.

Cassper tweeted: “Wanna get back to making music, my businesses take so much of my time. Gonna collaborating with  lot of young producers, 1 dude actually approached me to make  whole album with me. I’ excited bout that. I also wanna drop my 1st collab album in 2023. Who should I do it with?”

In addition to what he shared on Twitter, Cassper Nyovest lately discussed how his Father helped  to end His fight with   and  Nyovest in  have one of the longest rivalries in the industry.  have been able to watch the media coverage of the protracted beef. The Grammy Award-winning rapper has been using harsh language, even cursing at Cassper Nyovest’s mother.

The rapper has now stated that there was  bigger reason for pulling out of his battle with  is getting  to reveal that he will finally square off against another  person. In response to inquiries regarding his impending clash with the unidentified wrestler, Cassper  that his father was  factor in his decision to cancel his fight with Mega.

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