Portable discloses how much he earned from “Zazuu Zeh”

  • I didn’t make more than N3 million from ‘Zazuu Zeh’ – opens up

  • reveals how much he earned from “Zazuu Zeh”

Portable discloses how much he earned from "Zazuu Zeh"
discloses how much he earned from “Zazuu Zeh”

Habeeb Okikiola, better known as , has stated that the he earned from his breakthrough hit, ‘Zazuu Zeh,’ did not exceed N3 million.

The street-hop artist claimed he was taken advantage of by others in the industry since he was still a rising star and was unaware of how the Nigerian operated.

He rose to prominence in December 2021 after Poco Lee introduced him to rapper , who then featured on the remix of Zazuu.

The singer discussed everything he went through in his first few months as a rising star during an interview on The Room.

claimed that many individuals who intended to take advantage of him at the time had scammed him of N5 million and N3 million.


He said the N3 million he made from Zazuu when it was a trending song is what he used to buy his Toyota Camry.

According to him, he could not make more than that because he single-handedly took care of on the team, including a manager, promoter and their own workers.

He said that he would fuel the promoter’s car and also take care of the boys with the promoter, adding that anytime he visits a boutique to buy clothes, they would follow him and he’d buy for them as well.

Watch the interview:

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