TG Omori discloses his most expensive music video to date.

  • TG Omori reveals the most expensive he has shot so far

  • TG Omori names the that cost him more to shoot

TG Omori discloses his most expensive music video to date.
TG Omori discloses his most expensive to date.

Nigerian Director, TG Omori has revealed the most expensive he shot.

A fan had asked the Cinematographer on what his best to shot was and TG responded by asking if the fan was asking for the biggest or most expensive video.

Another fan responded with; ‘Most expensive’.

Responding to the question, TG revealed that “Joha” by Asake was his most expensive to shoot. He stated that the budget for the video couldn’t be calculated in Naira as the calculator will spoil.

In his words;

“JOHA video. Can’t calculate it in Naira. Calculator fit spoil”


Recall that in October, reported that TG boasted about his abilities to do his job and that he can charge outrageous amounts and artists will still pay.

The award-winning videographer stated that he is going to start charging $1 million dollars for a video someday and people will pay.

Omori, the man behind some of the most recent blockbuster videos, declared that if he does not pass soon, he will undoubtedly want up to a million dollars for his services.

He claimed that individuals who required his services had choice but to employ him because they were unable to flee or hide.

He wrote on Twitter; ”If I don’t die young, I’m gonna charge a million dollar for a video and y’all gonna pay. You can’t run, you can’t hide.”

It seems like “Joha” might have been close to TG’s dream price.

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