Sammie Heaven, Nasty C’s girlfriend, releases a book of poetry

  • Sammie, Nasty C’s partner, publishes a collection of poems.

  • Nasty C’s girlfriend, Sammie releases a poetry collection

Sammie, Nasty C's girlfriend, releases a book of poetry
Sammie, Nasty C’s girlfriend, releases a book of poetry


An anthology of poems with the working title Looking into Me was released, according to Nasty C’s girlfriend Sammie Heaven. As she was giving up her privacy to proceed to the next stage, the artist wrote a lengthy essay outlining how significant and unique the project is.

“This is the scariest thing I’ve ever done,” kicked off the note.

Sammie Heaven, Nasty C’s infamous girlfriend, claimed “I’ve procrastinated & stalled for long enough, and I can’t let fear stop me any longer. This book is a compilation of poetry I’ve written over the years & the reason why putting it out is so scary is because it is so so personal, and putting it out feels like an act of surrender.”


“I know how vulnerable putting this out makes me, but I also know that someone out there needs to read it, just as I have needed other people’s words to get me to this point. I know that everyone who appreciates me or is the slightest bit curious about me will also appreciate this opportunity to look into me. I know that these are parts of me I’m better off releasing, especially as I begin this new chapter of my life.”

“I don’t think I’d be able to fully receive and embrace this next big new start if I don’t let go of all these old feelings. It’s to let go. While one part of me wanted to hoard this book, an even bigger part wants it to reach every corner of the earth and connect with every soul that is in any aligned with it.”


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Meanwhile, Rouge Praises Nasty C That He Is “Disgustingly Good” earlier last week

“Disgustingly good,” Rouge Praises Nasty C, The rapper Nasty C has received a lot of encouragement from his country even though he is still pursuing the American dream. The multi-award-winning rapper has gotten accolades from not only his ’s casual listeners but also from other rappers who respect the ground he treads.

Rouge has not only praised Nasty C; most recently, Big  also posted a dedication to the SMA chanter on social media. The head of Nkabi Records expressed his sincere  to Nasty C for representing South  abroad.

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