Chakela Lepele unlocks philanthropic album, ‘Paradise Of My Thoughts’ | Listen

South Africa’s Chakela Lepele resonates goodwill with his latest output, Paradise of My Thoughts (album).

Chakela Lepele'Paradise Of My Thoughts' album
Chakela Lepele ‘Paradise Of My Thoughts’ album

Chakele Lepele, in the bowl of his mind, presents this compassionate studio album tagged,  ‘Paradise Of My Thoughts,’.

The eleven-track instrumental album traverses a thrilling range of Afro Jazz instruments, including marimbas and flutes, as well as glockenspiel, pan pipes, and clarinets.

From the project’s inception, Fleeting Dreams,’ one will deduce the album focuses on immersing us in a new world of happiness and excitement through inventive composition and arrangements. Various riffs and licks intertwine throughout each track, keeping each moment fresh and interesting from start to finish.

The irresistibly upbeat beats are especially seductive with tracks like ‘Eternal Bliss’ and ‘I Love Matwabeng Senekal’. Lepele recalls the hard labor it took to accomplish ‘Paradise of My Thoughts’, saying: “it was a voyage filled with problems but by the grace of God we managed to finish it successfully”.

Beyond singing on the of love, compassion, and generosity, Chakela proceeds to act out his words. According to him, the majority of the album’s revenues will go to fund this musician’s community development programs, which vary from distributing food and clothing to the less fortunate to assisting young people with business support and social entrepreneurship.

Influenced by Caiphus Semenya, Chakela hails from the Senekal community and he is based in Bloemfontein, he’s been making Afro Jazz/ Afro Pop music.

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