Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk agree to fight each other

  • Promoter confirmed Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk ‘have agreed to fight each other next’.

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk agree to fight each other
Tyson Fury and agree to fight each other

In what would a highly anticipated unification fight for the undisputed world heavyweight title, promoter has confirmed that Tyson Fury and have agreed to square off in the ring next.

According to Bob Arum, the heavyweights will compete for the title of unified heavyweight champion. After a fight between the British boxers ended in disarray earlier this year, Arum made a subtle jab at Anthony Joshua by saying the contest will between “two adults.”

Usyk’ manager had claimed that the fight could take place on March 4, and Fury remains adamant that he will ‘take out’ the Ukrainian heavyweight if they face off next year.

Sky Sports report that both fighters are intent on seeing the bout materialise, and neither will accept another fight until they face off in the ring.

“The two fighters have agreed to fight each other next,” Arum told Sky Sports.


Despite hefty proposals to move the fight to a location in the Middle East, the UK is still in the running to host it.

“Now the question is what’ the date and what’ the site,” Arum said. “But that fight is definitely going to happen and it will happen in the first four months of next year.

“We are balancing a couple of significant offers from the Mid East and also there’s the possibility of doing the fight in the UK at Wembley [stadium] with a massive 95,000 crowd in attendance. Fighters have a relatively short life and money is important. So if the money which has been proposed to us is real that has to taken into consideration.”

But he added: “To go back to Wembley and do a fight before 95,000 people for me really stirs up the blood.

“It would crazy. It would just wonderful.”

It shouldn’t too long before a final decision is made. “We’ll have it all sorted out,” Arum said. “I hope maybe by the end of the year.”


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