Berri Tiga acquires a brand new Mercedes-Benz to reward a fantastic year.

  • Berri Tiga buys brand new Mercedes Benz to celebrate successful year

  • Berri Tiga purchases brand-new Mercedes-Benz to commemorate fruitful year.

Berri Tiga acquires a brand new Mercedes-Benz to reward a fantastic year.
Berri Tiga acquires brand new Mercedes-Benz to reward fantastic year.

Berri Tiga capped the year on high note by treating himself to brand-new Mercedes-Benz SUV.

This comes months after the artist gained notoriety for his appearance on the popular song Machala.

In video that his colleague posted, Berri and CarterEfe can seen leaving house and walking to parking lot before Berri gets into his spotless Benz.

The friend who posted the positive on his Instagram story congratulated him in the caption.

Berri also took to his page and showed off the whip as he asked fans to prepare to congratulate him on his achievements so far.

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zoryiivv; No October them rip this boy?? 😢

gylliananthonette; Person don to type congratulations …Congrats

elvisnation12; From the %5 you buy GLE 350 why ripper buy ML 350 I never understand the story shall

iamxter_lee; Shey na the 5% you take buy benz… otida

bobbykim; Ewan shey yahoo ewan fi misic ni handicap 😂😂

portmajik_autos; Person wey collect 95% self no buy expensive benz like this 😂


Meanwhile, reported days ago that Berri Tiga resumed dragging content creator, Carterefe over their copyright saga on the song, Machala.

He claimed the comedian turned singer gave him N200,000 as 30 per cent royalty from the earnings generated by the hit track.

Speaking during an Instagram live session, Berri slammed Carter Efe for giving him very laughable amount.

He lamented over being cheated of getting his fair share from the song which rose up to the number one spot on streaming platforms.

Berri Tiga mocked the skit-maker by saying that the music business does not operate the same way as the online comedy industry

The ‘God’ singer used reference from the internet and wondered if the money Carter Efe sent to him is meant for ‘garri or eba’.

But the duo have now settled their differences and they got fans accusing them of continually using fight to stay relevant.

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