Rema explains why he loves to carry a teddy bear.

  • Reveals What His Teddy Bear Means To Him

  • shares why he carries a teddy bear around.

Rema explains why he loves to carry a teddy bear.
explains why he loves to carry a teddy bear.

Nigerian music star, has confessed that his signature teddy bear played an important role in his formative years.

In a conversation with BeatFM, he explained that after losing his father when he was young, he had few friends and spent a lot of alone since he did not feel comfortable around large groups of people.

went on to say that he used the money he had gathered from others giving him money at the to purchase a teddy bear.

He admitted that because so many people do not understand him, he feels comfortable venting to the stuffed animal in his room.

“When I lost my dad, I didn’t have a lot of friends. That was a weird phase for me because I was just getting used to losing someone.


“So that kinda made me isolate myself from people. I wasn’t as confident in the crowd and everything.

“With the little money I saved from people giving me money at that period, I just bought a teddy. At that time, I used to talk to it in my room.

“As a kid, you have imagination. You have imaginary friends and stuff.

At the time, I used to play with toys. I think I was eight, nine, thereabout.

“I felt better laying a lot of my complaints to the teddy because I felt like a lot of people were not understanding me. But I grew past that phase sha.

“But when I started working on my branding and sketching out my ideas, I thought that I should bring a piece of me from childhood,” said.

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