Rema discloses the hidden meaning behind the Swords Tattoo On His Neck

  • Rema reveals the secret meaning of the Swords Tattoo on His Neck.

  • Rema Explains Meaning Of Two Swords Tattoo On His Neck

Rema discloses the hidden meaning behind the Swords Tattoo On His Neck
Rema discloses the hidden meaning behind the Swords Tattoo On His Neck

Divine Ikubor aka Rema has disclosed the meaning of the sword tattoo on both sides of his neck.

The vocalist of “Calm Down” claimed during an interview with Beat FM that the swords were inspired by verse in the Bible, Hebrews 4:12, which states that “the word of God is sharper than two-edged sword.”

He claims that the swords on his body are sign of the strength behind what he says.

“It’ from Bible verse; it says ‘the word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword’.

“That means that anything that comes out of your mouth is powerful

“I couldn’t put one because it felt like one is weird. That is they are similar,” Rema said.

In another interview, Rema revealed that it was huge for when Madonna showed up at his ‘Rave & Roses’ concert in New York back in September.

In a chat with Cool FM, the ‘Calm Down’ singer said that when Madonna told she would come, he didn’t believe her.

However, he felt elevated when he saw her in the crowd during his performance.


“When she told me she was gonna come to the show, I just thought it was one of those things. She’ll just ‘Amaka’ me,” Rema said.

“But she did, she pulled up. She pulled up while I was performing. And I saw her up there.

My mood at that point was like ‘yo, I’ going to pull off my trousers and throw it to the crowd, I’ ready.”

Speaking further, the 22-year-old superstar claimed that even though his fans motivate him, it was a huge moment to see a legend take a seat at his show.

He continued by saying that Madonna’ compliments had elevated to the point where he had to check himself out in the mirror once he returned to his hotel room.

“The fans really inspire me and motivate me but it just hit differently when you have the legends in the guest seat. It was huge.

“Most especially backstage when she started showering me with praises and talking about the performance.

“When I went back to my hotel, I looked at myself in the mirror, I was like ‘okay’. It just hit differently.

“Coz a lot of time, we just get carried by just being on the road. We never get the chance to praise ourselves and embrace the win. We never have that time sometimes.

“But you get reminded by people; they let you know what you are actually doing and how much you impact the culture.”

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