Tems Explains Why Nobody Should Fight Her.

  • Tems Reveals No One Should Fight Her.

  • Tems sends warning to those who want to fight her.

Tems Explains Why Nobody Should Fight Her.
Tems Explains Nobody Should Fight Her.

Tems has stated the reasons provoking fight with her is not good idea.

In TikTok video, the 27-year-old singer declared that if someone fights with her, she is guaranteed to emerge victorious.

“Look, we cannot be fighting, okay? We cannot be fighting.

“Because if we fight, I will win. I win, bitch,” she said.

In tweet on November 29, the ‘Free ’ singer that bragging is not her thing because she is not playing the same game with anyone.

According to her, she does not need to brag because she knows who she is irrespective of what other knows.

Furthermore, she mentioned that she is only trying to impress herself, not anyone else.


Meanwhile, Tems has that she has done so many projects that are yet to be released and she already moved on from them.

In recent interview with Highsnobiety Magazine, the ‘Free Mind’ crooner said that she is typically ten steps ahead and will let her fans know what she has been when the moment is right.

“I guess people only know me based off the last thing I did.

“But I’ve done so many things that are yet to be released, that I’ve already moved on from.

“And yeah, I feel like I’m five, ten steps ahead. And when it’s time, I’ll be excited to share lot of the things that I’ve been up to.”

She also revealed the only thing that has changed in her since she became global sensation.

Tems claimed that not much had changed and that the only difference is that she now had less time for herself.

“The only thing I would say that has changed is this, less time with yourself…

“Less time where it’s also more adventures for me, more uncertain, but that’s the beauty of it.”

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