DJ Cuppy meets the father of her Fiance, Ryan Taylor

  • Cuppy Meets Fiance’s Father

  • Cuppy visits the father of her Beau, Ryan Taylor

DJ Cuppy meets the father of her Fiance, Ryan Taylor
Cuppy meets the father of her Fiance, Ryan Taylor

It seems that the love story between Cuppy and her fiance, Ryan Talor is waxing stronger as the two paid a visit to Ryan’s father.

The heiress whose relationship with the British boxer seems to be stronger by the day has been meeting with his loved ones.

Images of the two were uploaded by Ryan on his Instagram accounts. He emphasised the importance of family in his caption.

He added that his father is a workaholic who will not stop working for anything or anyone, which is why he and his fiancée, Cuppy, went looking for him.

“The version of me in your mind is not my responsibility. It’s Family over everything (My dad will not stop working for anything or anyone so we hunted down)”, he wrote.

Cuppy in the comment section wrote;

“Family First 💛💍💕 (I’m back for that last pic thoooooo)”

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This comes days after Cuppy made the shocking revelation about how long she and her fiance have dated.

In November 2022, Cuppy said yes to her white boyfriend at the Gumball award night in Abu Dhabi.

In the videos that went viral online, Cuppy, who appeared shocked when her partner proposed, answered yes and sealed the deal with an impassioned kiss on stage.

Cuppy who had been tight-lipped about the engagement took to Twitter days later to publicly announce the relationship.

According to her, love is a lovely thing that defies the concepts of time and reason, and it can be found when you least expect it.

She also revealed that she had only met her future husband, whom she referred to as the love of her life, 25 days prior.

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