Drake loses $1 Million World Cup Bet

  • Drake loses $1 million after placing a bet on Argentina to beat in World Cup.

  • Drake loses $1 million in a wager on Argentina defeating France.

Drake loses $1 Million World Cup Bet
Drake loses $1 Million Bet

Rapper, Drake lost a significant sum of money after placing a bet on Argentina to defeat in the within 90 minutes.

On Sunday, the Canadian rapper’s $1 million wager on Argentina in the final match was unsuccessful, as the game ended with an even score of 3-3 and a final score of 4-2.

From our findings, the “Her Loss” musician placed his wager in a market where extra is ignored and the outcome is decided based on the score after 90 minutes of play.

Although Argentina ultimately defeated in a shootout, additional was not taken into account when placing the wager.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Drake showed users that he made the bet on Stakes — and he would’ve earned $2.75 million if he had won.

Footage of Drake confirming his support for Argentina also appeared on social media, where one clip with a friend showed him saying “I’ll take Argentina, he’ll take France,” while wearing Napoli gear.

Ahead of the final 2022 match, Twitter users joked after learning Drake had placed his bet on Argentina, with some fearing his wager would jinx the team from winning.


Rapper Drake, who was born in Toronto, is probably used to losing wagers in the world of sports; some people have even attributed game losses to the “Drake curse.”

Drake has recently lost a lot of money after placing bets on other sporting events.

He lost a $2 million wager on a UFC bout earlier this year when middleweight Israel Adesanya was defeated by Alex Pereira at UFC 281, which took place on November 12 in New York.

After betting more than $200,000 on Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc to win the Spanish Grand Prix in May, Drake also lost more than $200,000.

As soon as Team Canada was kicked out of this year’s World Cup, Canadian sports fans joked online about the rapper and his “curse.”

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