Croatia’s Gvardiol discusses Messi’s drubbing of him in the 2022 World Cup semifinal.

  • Gvardiol of Croatia reflects on getting toasted by Messi in the 2022 semi-final.

Croatia's Gvardiol discusses Messi's drubbing of him in the 2022 World Cup semifinal.
Croatia’s Gvardiol discusses Messi’s drubbing of in the 2022 semifinal.

After having trouble containing Lionel Messi in the semifinals, Josko Gvardiol claims he will gain knowledge from the experience of playing against him.

Messi embarrassed the Croatian defence in the semifinal between the two sides by turning inside-out and finding a through to set up Julian Alvarez for the third goal.

The centre-back, who believes he held his own against Messi for the full 90 minutes, asserted that the attacker is a different animal when representing his country.


He told reporters:It was a nice experience even though I played against in the club last season. He is a completely different type of player in the club and in the national team, I am glad that I played against even though we lost. But today and tomorrow I will able to tell the children that I guarded Messi for 90 minutes. I guess we will beat next time.”

Gvardiol’s reputation among the European elite is still improving despite Messi’s constant manipulation of him. The RB Leipzig defender, who will not cheap after signing a contract extension with the club in the summer, is reportedly being pursued by Chelsea, Manchester City, and Real Madrid.

By eliminating Croatia, earned a spot in the national title game, they will play France on Sunday. On Saturday, Croatia will compete against Morocco for third place.

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