On Cassper Nyovest’s 31st birthday, Somizi discusses how they met.

  • As Cassper Nyovest celebrates 31 years old, Somizi describes how they first connected.

  • Somizi reveals how he met  Nyovest as the rapper turns 31

On Cassper Nyovest's 31st birthday, Somizi discusses how they first connected.
On Cassper Nyovest’s 31st birthday, Somizi discusses how they first connected.


On Cassper Nyovest’s 31st birthday, Somizi a media personality in South Africa recently presented the rapper Cassper Nyovest with flowers in appreciation of a successful FillUp Mmabatho, and he has subsequently returned to share the tale of how he first came to know Nyovest.


Somizi revealed thatI’ve never shared the story of how I met this guy. He probably doesn’t even remember. It was in 2014 at a concert. I was MC. he was fairly new in the industry. The stage manager told me the artist was. Cassper Nyovest. I went on stage and engaged with the audience but then forgot the name of the artist. I went back to ask. Then went back on stage. Then forgot again. Lol. Went back and asked again. Then I immediately announced the artist. Cassper Nyovest. I walked off and thought to myself what a weird name. calls himself that name. I thought. I watched his performance and thought hmmm not bad Mr pony tail. Little did I know that a few months later I wud call one of my closest and dearest friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REF. u are loved dearly never doubt that. See u tomorrow. @casspernyovest,”

Cassper expressed his gratitude by saying, “Thank you soooo much Som G. God bless you. Jy is a bra van mei !!!”


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Cassper Nyovest lately discussed how His Father Helped  End His Fight With Rappers  and  Nyovest in South Africa have one of the longest rivalries in the industry. Fans have been able to watch the media coverage of the protracted beef. The Grammy Award-winning rapper has been using harsh language, even cursing at Cassper Nyovest’s mother.

 has now stated that there was a bigger reason for pulling out of his battle with  is getting ready to reveal that he will finally square off against another famous person. In response to inquiries regarding his impending clash with the unidentified wrestler, Cassper said that his father was a factor in his decision to cancel his fight with Mega.

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