Rouge praises Nasty C that he is “Disgustingly good”

  • Rouge compliments C.
  • “Disgustingly good,” Rouge Sings C’s Praises
Rouge praises Nasty C that he is “Disgustingly good”
Rouge praises C that he is “Disgustingly good”


“Disgustingly good,” Rouge Praises C, The rapper C has received a lot of encouragement from his home country even though he is still pursuing the American dream. The multi-award-winning rapper has gotten accolades from not only his music’s casual listeners but also from other rappers who respect the ground he treads.

Rouge is the most recent South African rapper to praise C’s skills and lyrical talent on Twitter.

She tweeted that the Mbongo-zaka hitmaker could not resist praising C’s lyrics on AKA’s Lemons Lemonade stating that C is “disgustingly good.” “Out the country I might die, in SA it’s cold drink and a hi five….. @Nasty_CSA is disgustingly good,”

Rouge has not only praised C; most recently, Big Zulu also posted a dedication to the SMA chanter on social media. The head of Nkabi Records expressed his sincere gratitude to C for representing South Africa abroad.


Uthando Lunye mtaka gogo Mapholoba siyabonga mashiya mahle ukusithatha usibeke ebalazweni phesheya kwe lwandleSibonge Qhawe lakith  @nasty_csa Ayzondi iNkabi,” Wrote Big Zulu.

C has been extremely active in the game this year and has gained attention for all the great music he has released. The most prominent one, however, was his recent disagreement with A-Reece. The Zulu Man With Some Powers released a freestyle titled No Big Deal, in which he addressed a variety of topics, including his ongoing dispute with rapper A-Reece.

The rapper stated that he wants to know he and Reece are in their relationship and whether or not they are beefing. “So I know we all have these situations we don’t really know we stand with other person. Its yo what’s going on dawg are we beefing or are you jealous of me, did I say something, what the f*ck is happening, like what’s happening dawg.” He said.

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