Cassper Nyovest shares one fact regarding his father.

  • Cassper Reveals The Role His Dad Played In Him Calling Off His With AKA

  • reveals one thing about his father

Cassper Nyovest shares one fact regarding his father.
shares one fact regarding his father.


Cassper Nyovest Discusses How His Father Helped Him End His With AKA. AKA and Cassper Nyovest in South have one of the longest rivalries in the industry. Fans have been able to watch the media coverage of the protracted beef. The Grammy Award-winning rapper has been using harsh language, even cursing at Cassper’s mother.


The expected solution for Cassper and AKA’s problems was to

it’s out in the boxing ring, but that hasn’t been able to happen. Cassper had claimed that AKA’s sad experience earlier this year was the reason his boxing battle with AKA was called off.

Cassper has now stated that there was a bigger reason for pulling out of his battle with AKA. Cassper is getting ready to reveal that he will finally square off against another famous person. In response to inquiries regarding his impending clash with the unidentified wrestler, Cassper said that his father was a factor in his decision to cancel his with Mega.

“My dad called me and asked me to let that one go, for him” revealed Cassper.

Cassper said in a tweet that AKA had dodged him when he wanted to him and there had been rumours that the boxing match contract was discarded after being submitted to AKA.

“When I really wanted to Aka he kept running & making excuses. Then the unfortunate happened & it’s just not a good look to him now. My dad called me and asked me to let that one go, for him. It’s not the same. I wanted the arrogant shit talking Aka like I want Kaybee,” tweeted Cassper

Not just AKA but also Prince Kaybee, another well-known artist, have been targets of Cassper’s desire to fight. However, that attempt met with failure because of Prince Kaybee’s exorbitant demands.

The conflict between Cassper and AKA has a long history, and at one point, the rapper even received a hit from AKA. Recently, the issue was brought up again on Twitter, and Cassper told his admirers that he doesn’t regret leaving the scenario.

Despite the fact that he had been a joke on the day, Cassper said that leaving was the smartest course of action.

“I don’t regret that day I walked away after being slapped the cheap shot way. It was the wise thing to do. I was a joke that day. I protected my brand and kept it clean. Everything worked out for me. Look at dawg!!! I’M RICH AF!!! Who’s laughing now?” he tweeted.

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