The Alleged killer of Takeoff requests a reduction of his $2 million bail.

  • Takeoff’s Alleged killer asks for $2M bail to be reduced.

  • Takeoff’s alleged killer requests that his $2 million bond be decreased.

The Alleged killer of Takeoff requests a reduction of his $2 million bail.
The Alleged killer of Takeoff requests a reduction of his $2 million bail.

Patrick Xavier Clark, the alleged killer of TakeOff, has requested a significant decrease in bond and has vowed to live with his parents if allowed.

TMZ on Monday was able to get court records indicating that Clark in Texas submitted a motion on Monday to have his $2 million bail reduced to $100,000.

Clark’s attorney claims that even though he cannot afford the whole amount, if it were to be reduced, he would live with his parents, wear a GPS tracker, and abide by any curfews that were established.

Even though he was found with his passport and tickets to Mexico upon his arrest (though his legal team insists he was not intending to escape the country), the suspected shooter said he is willing to surrender over them and abide by any “no-contact” orders that may be issued.

Only a few days had passed after the trial judge had granted Clark’s $5,000 request to hire a private investigator when the motion was submitted.

For less than his standard rate, the private investigator will do the investigation in accordance with the terms of the contract, and the sheriff’s office will also provide him with a printer and laptop.


of Clark were surprised when they learned he had been detained and accused of killing TakeOff, and they now think he is being set up, according to an article earlier this month in the Daily Beast.

“I know him. He’s not like that,” one of his told the publication. “I honestly feel like they got the wrong guy. He doesn’t get mad or hostile. He’s very nice and thoughtful. That’s all I have to say. I feel he is being framed.”

On November 1, TakeOff was shot and killed outside Houston’s 810 Billiards and Bowling Alley after a dispute over a dice game.

The shooting occurred after a fistfight broke out in Quavo’s defence, according to fresh information in an affidavit seen by New York Times reporter Joe Coscarelli.

Quavo was supposedly involved in a lucrative dice game outside of the bowling alley and then got into an argument with two others after losing money to them.

Then, in support of Quavo, a man by the name of Willie Bland engaged in a physical altercation that resulted in him striking one of the two people, according to surveillance evidence.

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