See how much Wizkid was reportedly paid for his Ghana show

  • SEE how much Wizkid charged for his show in Ghana

  • Check out how much Wizkid billed for his concert in Ghana.

See how much Wizkid was reportedly paid for his Ghana show
See how much Wizkid was reportedly paid for his Ghana show

Ayo Balogun, better known as Wizkid, has been on social media for days after failing to appear for his live concert at the Accra Sports Stadium in Ghana and now more news on how much he was paid for the show has come to light.

Wizkid enraged after he failed to appear at the “Wizkid Live Concert” organised by Live Hub. According to reports, waited until 4 pm before giving up and leaving without seeing Wizkid.

According to details provided by industry insider Arnold Asamoah, Big Wiz also made sure that his lodging, travel arrangements, and other logistics were covered. Additionally, he asked that all supporting acts be paid in full before taking the stage.

Arnold Asamoah Baido has revealed, in a social media post, that Wizkid was paid $8000,000 for the Accra show.

He was also paid $25,000 as travel allowances.

“Travel Allowance – US$ 25,000


- fee for supporting acts

– Venue

– Logistics

– Ticketing

– Promotion/Marketing albeit lacklustre

Results: lukewarm project, bad press, ruined reputation and possibility of refund.

Question: Would you, as an investor, give this venture another try if you had the chance?

There’s a piece for every player and all the cheerleaders; it’s coming!”


Meanwhile, Wizkid has been threatened with legal action by the “Wizkid Live Concert” event organizers in Ghana, Live Hub Entertainment after he failed to attend the performance.

In an interview with TV3, the management of the event company said it intends to seek a refund for payments made to the musician following his refusal to fulfil his side of the bargain.

“We are considering going to court for a refund. We did what we could on our part to make sure he was okay,” management stated in an interview with TV3.

“We paid in full, paid for his stay at Kempinski Hotel, paid for his private jet among others,” management stated in an interview with TV3.

In a statement it issued, organizers affirmed that “Wizkid was paid in advance for his concert date. All of his expenses including his private jet flights, hotel presidential suite, security, vehicles, additional offsite accommodation.”

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