M.I Abaga reveals why rappers shouldn’t be bothered about criticisms.

  • ‘I Came Into Rap Through Criticism’ — M.I Abaga

  • M.I Abaga explains why should not concerned with criticisms.

M.I Abaga reveals why rappers shouldn't be bothered about criticism.
M.I Abaga reveals why shouldn’t bothered about criticisms.

Veteran rapper M.I Abaga has opened up on why Nigerian shouldn’t too concerned with criticisms.

His opinion comes on the heels of Wizkid’ controversial comment that rap is boring and dead.

M.I stated in social media video that he is in position to talk authoritatively about hip hop due to his contributions to the genre, even though people get irritated when he does.

He claims that criticism of the rap genre has been since the beginning, even when he first began rapping.

The year 2022, he said, had been terrific one for hip-hop.

“People get upset when I talk with an authoritative voice about Hip Hop,” he said.

“But no, listen; I am MI. Nah me don suffer for this game, for where e dey now. It’ undisputed.


“So when I speak, I am speaking with the experience, with the weight of my contributions. You know what I mean?

“And I want to say this was great year for the genre. And that’ what is important.

“At every time, since I came in the genre, we’ve been criticized. I came in through criticisms.

“I entered into rap as people were saying why would you do that?

“It doesn’t matter where the criticisms are coming from. That’ not what I even want to focus on at all. I don’t want to focus on it at all.

“In life, you are going to have to attempt hard things. Sometimes you are going to do some things against the grain.

“That’ why we love hip-hop; because it is against the grain. We know it. We get it. We are still here.”


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