How E-Money and I Have Maintained A Solid Relationship – Kcee

  • Kcee discusses the relationship he has with E-Money.

  • Singer, Kcee reveals how he and his brothers maintain boundaries.

    How E-Money and I Have Maintained A Solid Relationship - Kcee
    How E-Money and I Have Maintained Solid Relationship – Kcee

Limpopo singer, Kcee revealed that he and E-Money support one another in an interview with The when discussing the relationship between him and his brother.

Aside from saying that they’ve never argued, Kcee also said that ladies had been loose, it would have put strain on his relationship with E-Money.

He said;

“I can’t say any particular thing is the secret but the fact is that we share this undivided bond as brothers who support each other. Don’t forget he started out as my manager.

“We have never had fight, never, like we are even worried. We have never fought. We know our boundaries and have never crossed them. Like when we were younger and my brothers says hi to any girl, that is it, I will never say hi to that same girl again, I can never be your friend. I or my tries to ask girl out. It’ over for the other person.

“So the truth is myself and my were that loose, maybe women would have come in-between us. I can boldly say we are the definition of real brotherhood, we’ve never fought and I am proud of saying that, like we’ve never fought. I don’t know what will happen in but we pray everyday that we don’t experience it but we’ve never fought.”

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