Poland boss discloses plan to stop Messi in World Cup decider

  • reveals plan to stop Argentina captain Messi in World Cup decider.

Poland boss discloses plan to stop Messi in World Cup decider
discloses plan to stop Messi in World Cup decider

boss Czeslaw Michniewicz has revealed his plan to stop Argentina captain Messi in the World Cup decider. He compared Lionel Messi to skiing hero Alberto Tomba ahead of his team’ important World Cup match against Argentina.

Michniewicz has praised Messi and compared the forward to renowned former Italian Alpine ski racer Alberto Tomba, who can claim to have won three Olympic gold medals, as prepares to face Argentina in a pivotal group stage decider.

Every time the forward receives the ball, the tactician believes that his team must surround since only one player can stop him.

”Messi on the pitch is like Alberto Tomba on the slope, he’ able to avoid everyone like Tomba can get around everything,” said Michniewicz. ”So we need to put players around Messi because if he can get around (them) easily he will easily score.


One player cannot stop Messi, we must get players around him. The whole world has been thinking for years about how to stop Lionel Messi and he has made dozens of goals and assists. I don’t think we’ll ever find the final answer to this question.”

This match is also being dubbed as a battle between Robert Lewandowski and Messi, however, Michniewicz insists that the contest will not be decided by just one individual.

“It’ not only a match between Lewandowski and Messi, it’ not tennis,” he said. ”Robert needs his teammates, the same as Leo needs his. We rely on these great strikers but they cannot win on their own.”

The skipper of Argentina will be hoping to motivate his nation to defeat and advance to the round of 16. In the event that both teams draw, there will be no difference between Arabia and Mexico in the other final group matchup, meaning that both teams will advance.

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