What Ronaldo texted Piers Morgan about the uncredited goal vs Uruguay

  • What Cristiano Ronaldo about the uncredited goal against Uruguay in the text to Piers Morgan.

What Ronaldo texted Piers Morgan about the uncredited goal vs Uruguay
What Ronaldo texted Piers Morgan about the uncredited goal vs Uruguay

Cristiano Ronaldo claimed the credit in a text message to Piers Morgan after the game, claiming that he did touch the ball for Portugal’s first goal against Uruguay on Monday night.

The Portuguese superstar believed he had scored his second goal of the competition and ninth goal overall in the World Cup finals when, halfway into the second half, he appeared to make the slightest of touches on a cross from Bruno Fernandes.

However, not a single video or photo clearly captured Ronaldo touching the ball, and FIFA and the stadium announcer both agreed that Fernandes was the scorer.

The 37-year-old is renowned for being record-obsessed and will undoubtedly be irritated that he is still tied with longtime rival Lionel Messi on eight goals at World Cups despite the fact that 23 players have scored more goals than him in tournament history.

Ronaldo was seen waving his finger after the game and seemed upset with the decision.

It has since come to light that the former Manchester United attacker texted Morgan, who earlier this month had an explosive interview with the five- Ballon d’Or winner that led to the termination of his contract, insisting that he should have been given credit for the goal.


Fox Soccer and former captain Alexi Lalas revealed the exchange after the game, with Morgan working for the US broadcaster during the tournament.

‘I was just with Piers Morgan and he that Cristiano texted him from the locker room saying that he believes it touched his head,’ the American. ‘So, uhm, who knows…’

Morgan also tweeted a picture of the ball appearing to brush a few strands of Ronaldo’s hair, saying: ‘Ronaldo touched that ball. He should be awarded the goal.’

After the match, the former Real Madrid superstar’s team-mates were a little sheepish when asked about whether or not Ronaldo had touched the ball, though Fernandes himself was happy for the veteran forward to be given it.

‘I don’t think it really matters who scored the goal at this point,’ Fernandes, who was named Man of the Match after also scoring from the penalty spot in the 2-0 win.

‘The feeling I had was Cristiano touched the ball, I was putting the ball to him and the important thing is we were able to win the match against a very tough opponent.’

William Carvalho, meanwhile, said: ‘Yes, my first impression was that it had been a Ronaldo goal, but what’s important is the victory. It doesn’t matter if it was Bruno or Ronaldo. We played a great game and we have to continue like that.’


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