Brazil, Portugal join France in the knockout round of World Cup 2022

  • Brazil and join France to qualify for the 2022 World Cup round of 16.

Brazil, Portugal join France in the knockout round of World Cup 2022
Brazil, join France in the knockout round of World Cup 2022

On a thrilling day of competition in Qatar on Monday, Cristiano Ronaldo’s and five-time winners Brazil joined France in the World Cup knockout rounds with a game remaining.

Only three teams have secured spots in the quadrennial competition’s knockout rounds.

After two victories in two games, only Portugal, Brazil, and France remain in the running for the knockout rounds. Their final group match will determine their fate while we wait for other countries to advance to the round of 16.

The World Cup’s build-up was clouded by controversy, but since then, the excitement, joy, and celebration felt during the competition have exceeded all expectations. In addition, we have come this far with dark horses pulling big upsets during the competition.

Although Spain, Argentina, Germany, and are among the favourites in this tournament, they have thus far played well, and their individual matchups will determine their fate.


Brazil, Portugal, and France, the remaining contenders, have already advanced to the elimination round.

The group elimination curse, which affects every reigning that fails to advance past the group stages at the following World Cup, was broken by France, the first country to do so, and France showed steadfastness in doing so.

France defeated 4-1 in their opening group match, and they then defeated Denmark 2-1. Brazil fought hard to defeat Switzerland 1-0 to complete a 2-0 victory.

Meanwhile, , followed a similar scenario, winning 3-2 against Ghana and handily defeating by a score of 2-0.

All three countries now have a chance to get to the quarterfinals without having to face any formidable opponents. The losers of Group G will play .

The second-place team from Group H, which might be Uruguay, Ghana, or South Korea, will play Brazil. The Group C runners-up, which might be Poland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, or Argentina, will oppose France.

All group games will be played at the same time tomorrow, which will signal the start of the Round of 16. Players from France, Portugal, and Brazil will undoubtedly take a break, and the Round of 16 will now take centre stage.

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