World Cup: Marcus Rashford speaks about England’s transition under Gareth Southgate.

  • Marcus Rashford opens up on England changes under Gareth Southgate.

Marcus Rashford speaks about England's transition under Gareth Southgate.
World Cup: Marcus Rashford speaks about England’s transition under Gareth Southgate.

Since Gareth Southgate took over as manager, Marcus Rashford has discussed some of the changes in the England team camp, highlighting the training intensity.

The Manchester United forward, lost after the Euro 2020 championship, has earned his way back into the Three Lions lineup.

However, he came off the bench to score his first World Cup goal against Iran on matchday one, and he has attributed that sharpness to the calibre of training sessions held under Southgate, which weren’t present before.

“Everyone is ready and I’m raring to go,” He said in press conference, adding: “Training has been good for the lads haven’t been getting as many minutes.

“For this squad, I feel like it’s [training] never really been an issue ever since Gareth has been the manager.


“Maybe before it was bit of an issue in terms of quality of training, and people’s dedication to training, but since Gareth has been manager it’s been intense.”

Rashford, earned his debut in warm-up match ahead of Euro 2016 under Roy Hodgson, drew on his brief experience of life as an England international before Southgate took over: “I was only there for short period of time but the of training wasn’t as high.

“For players, it’s black and white if you’re not training well, you can’t expect to play well.

“There’s been clear change and clear improvement. We’ve done much better in the major tournaments but even in the games that we’ve played throughout the year with England, we’ve played better and had better results.

“It’s not often I come away with England and feel we’re going to lose games.”

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