Iyanya reveals the kind of people to be wary of in the music industry.

  • “Too many fake people in this game” – Iyanya speaks on music industry

  • Iyanya Sparks Reactions As He Discloses The Kind Of People In the Music Industry

Iyanya reveals the kind of people to be wary of in the music industry.
Iyanya reveals the kind of people to be wary of in the music industry.

musician Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, often known as Iyanya, has drawn conflicting responses as he discusses the types of people to avoid in the music Industry.

Iyanya resorted to Twitter to voice his thoughts on the fake lifestyle with his colleagues.

The singer claims that when people say “my blood,” they should be worried or suspect their colleagues.

According to Iyanya, many of his colleagues say things they do not mean, and there are far too many con artists in the music industry.

He wrote:

anybody calls you “my blood” in this industry, ask him red or white blood lol. Y’all say what you don’t mean. Too many fake people in this game”


While some agreed with Iyanya, saying that fake people are not only found in the music industry, others questioned him about issues with his former record label.

One in particular decided to mock saying that the singer onoy has one hit;

“Coming from someone with one hit and ghosted 😤😤😤,” the troll wrote.

Iyanya wasn’t bothered by the mockery but told the troll to go and check out his discography

“How old are you again? Lol
Me one hit? 😂😂😂😂
Go check well come back 😂”

official____dreamchaser wrote: “No body is ur blood bro….they are only there when is beneficial, so use your head”

Other reactions to Iyanya’s tweet;

solarlamp_ wrote: “No be small red or white blood, human being can disappoint you only God is faithful”

kuswansalome wrote: “Na everywhere guy…never get too comfortable with anyone”

easi_tinka wrote: “It’s applied to the whole entertainment industry”

ama_nanya__ wrote: “Even outside the game the blood color changes at any time”

oluwa_niifemi wrote: “Swears too many fake niggas around”

brumski_ wrote: “ is fake even him wen tweet this one sef he is fake to another person it all depends on the you radiate”

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