Qatar 2022: Untold Highlights Of The World Cup Opening Ceremony

This is list of some of the remarkable things that happened at the opening ceremony of the Qatar-hosted 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Qatar 2022: Top Highlights Of The World Cup Opening Ceremony
Qatar 2022: Top Highlights Of The Opening Ceremony

has highlighted some of the remarkable highlights of the FIFA opening ceremony, Sunday, 20th November 2022.

Despite having waited 12 years, Qatar’ opening day did not go as expected.

FIFA 2022 is the first to be hosted in the winter and staged in an Arab country. Qatar being the host surely planned to make it one memorable one, however, lost all hopes of claiming the match’ victory against Ecuador  on Sunday.

Qatar lost 2 goals to nil, making them the first nation to host and lose the opening game of the FIFA Cup.

Ecuador’ head Coach Alfaro Reacts to Victory.

Ecuador played some fine football in today’ opening day victory over host nation Qatar — but their head coach Gustavo Alfaro wants to see even from his team, will likely need to beat either Senegal or the Netherlands to reach the knockout stage.

“The important thing is that we got the win,” said Alfaro. “We did what we needed to do to win this game.

“At the half (interval) I asked my players are they happy and they said, no that they can play better.

“I congratulated them for the win but told them we have to do better.”

World Cup draft

FIFA has made the unusual decision to do all it takes to ensure that the 2022 World Cup, the final one before the competition grows from 32 to 48 teams, contains the most notable players in the sport. In order to do this, they provide each participating country spot on the 27th squad, which can only be filled by an American-style draft of active players either did not qualify for this World Cup or were not chosen by team that did.


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