FIFA World Cup hosting costs from 1990-2022

FIFA World Cup hosting costs from 1990-2022
hosting costs from 1990-2022

The is the most prestigious competition in football history, and we look forward to it every four years. The budget for holding the world’s biggest football competition has changed.

Hosts Qatar were the first team in 92 years to lose their opening match as they were defeated by Ecuador.

But how has the cost of the increased with each tournament? It is determined by the stadium’s capacity and construction. Here are the costs of hosting the from 1990 to 2022.

Italy 1990 (Total Cost $4 billion)

The Italian football federation chose 12 cities to host the World Cup in 1990. The tournament began on June 8th and ended on July 8th, 1990. West Germany were crowned champions, with Argentina finishing as runners-up. The overall event cost Italy $4 billion, while Italy made a huge profit from ticket sales, hotel business, and fashion from the 1990 World Cup.

USA World Cup 1994 ($500 million)

After four years, the world cup was moved to the United States in 1994. The event kicked off on June 18, 1994, with a match between the United States and Switzerland. Brazil won the World Cup, with Italy finishing second. The event and management of the USA World Cup in 1994 cost a total of $500 million.

France World Cup 1998 ($2.33 billion)

The football fans’ four-year wait ended, as the next World Cup was held in France. They not only hosted the event, but also won it after defeating Brazil in the final. All matches were played at ten separate World Cup different venues. Following a significant increase in ticket sales, the French Football Federation is considering improvements to hotels, fan accommodations, and cultural activities. The 1998 World Cup cost a maximum of $2.33 billion in the budget for stadium development and seating capacity.

Korea & Japan World Cup 2002 ($7 Billion)

South Korea and Japan step up and secure the rights to host the World Cup. According to reported data, the event cost more than $7 billion in terms of new stadium building prior to the World Cup. Brazil won the world cup in Korea and Japan in 2002. Both football federations made a large profit as a large number of local fans attended the matches.

Germany World Cup 2006($4.6 billion)

South Africa lost the 2006 World Cup hosting rights to Germany by a single vote. Germany already boast a strong football league (Bundesliga), but they did not receive a bigger budget to organize the game in 12 various locations across the country. After defeating France in the finals, Italy became the new champions and lift the trophy.

South Africa World Cup 2010($3.6 billion)

South Africa tried again in the voting for World Cup 2010 hosting after a four-year wait, and this time they are successful with four votes to earn the 2010 event hosting rights. The South African Football Federation spent almost $3.6 billion to host the event in nine cities. Spain won the World Cup for the first time after defeating the Netherlands in the final.


Brazil World Cup2014 ($15 billion)

Only Brazil remained on the bidding list for the 2014 World Cup, while Argentina and Colombia are already out. According to football insiders, the 2014 World Cup cost more than $15 billion. Brazil is the second most expensive country to host the World Cup.

Russia World Cup 2018 ($11.6 billion)

Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and England competed for World Cup 2018 rights alongside each other. The majority vote (maximum of 12) is taken into account for the hosts. Russia has 13 votes and therefore hosted the World Cup in 2018. The event cost Russia more than $11.6 billion. France won for the second time since 1998, with Croatia finishing as runners-up.

Qatar World Cup 2022 ($220 billion)

The cost of organizing the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is estimated to be more than $200 billion, the most expensive cost in World Cup history, after Qatar has equipped an integrated infrastructure, including a of roads and internal transportation, as well as building 8 air-conditioned stadiums to host World Cup matches.

According to the Supreme Committee for Delivery and in Qatar, the stadiums alone cost 6.5 billion dollars, while the specialized Deloitte Foundation stated in a 2013 report that Qatar has allocated 200 billion dollars to be spent on building the infrastructure for hosting the World Cup, including 140 billion dollars for transportation infrastructure and 20 billion dollars for hotel infrastructure.


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