Chinko Ekun reveals how he was scammed of millions

  • Scammers defrauded me of millions – Chinko Ekun

  • Chinko Ekun discusses how he lost millions through an scam.

Chinko Ekun reveals how he was scammed of millions
Chinko Ekun reveals how he was scammed of millions

Oladipo Emmanuel, well known by his name Chinko Ekun, has detailed how fraudsters cost him millions of naira.

The singer of “Able God” claimed, in an exclusive interview with Midweek Entertainment, that the tragic incident altered his viewpoint on investing.

Chinko Ekun said, “I once fell for an scam worth millions of naira, after that, I decided my only was myself and how I looked.

“So, I saved more but something happened and I had to pull out my money to save a and I have no regrets because as I speak, the person is still alive and I’m glad I did.”


The rapper disclosed that he wished he had collaborated more before things went downhill for him, adding that he had plans to touch lives with his music.

He said, “I would have collaborated more or stayed more consistent but my entire was to go for shows to help the label recoup all the money that was spent on me.

“A lot was spent on me and I am grateful. I plan to break records, revive rap music and touch the lives I can. I own my label now.”

Last Saturday, Chinko Ekun, in a video shared by the pastor of Harvesters International Christian Center, Bolaji Idowu, on Instagram, shared a of how he was once homeless and broke after departing the record label that signed him.

“I had one of the biggest records in Nigeria titled Able God… I was going for shows, everything you know was just, sweet. Before you wake up, they’ve booked you, going for political shows… They are paying you to do what you love to do, so then, there was a lot of money. I chop money!!!

“Skip to 2020, I lost my record deal, I had an issue with my record label boss, and it was so and he said I should leave the house, so i lost my deal, los the house…Because of the trauma, I couldn’t live where I used to live, so I came to the island, and I was squatting with some of my friends…


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