Timaya explains why he is not obsessed with winning a Grammy award

  • “I Don’t Need People’ Validation”: Singer Speaks on Being Nominated for Grammy in 2018

  • reveals why he is not driven by the desire to win a Grammy.

Timaya explains why he is not obsessed with winning a Grammy award
explains why he is not obsessed with winning a Grammy award

Nigerian dancehall singer, has now stated why he is uninterested in the Grammy Awards.

Gucci and Gigi of Coolfm had a fascinating conversation with Afrobeats icon on the Road Show about his career, as well as the exciting young talent in the industry.

confessed in an exclusive interview that he is not as excited about the Grammys as other artists are.

The musician was questioned about receiving a Grammy nomination in 2018. According to research, the Nigerian singer’s with Morgan Heritage was why he was nominated.

clarified that while winning a Grammy would be lovely, he is not a Grammy-obsessed person throughout his discussion of the subject.

He claimed that he did not even post his Grammy nomination online and was unconcerned about it. continued by saying that in his opinion, serve as validation.

He also noted that he gets satisfaction from achieving things he sets his mind to and he does not need validation from other people. According to Timaya: “I don’t like awards, I love rewards”.

See the video below:


In another interview, gave his opinion on why some marriages fail and why he is not even thinking about it.

In a recent chat, said that a lot of people are getting married but not carefully giving it any thought.

According to him, marriage comes with responsibilities and people have to understand what it entails before getting into one.

He added that although marriage is not a bad thing, people keep getting into one for the wrong reasons.

“I cannot speak for because I have never tried it. And I’m not even thinking about it because it is life.

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