Stefflon Don shares the hilarious song a crush sent her

  • Stefflon Don Shares The Hilarious Message She Received From A Crush

  • Stefflon Don reveals the hilarious she received from a crush.

Stefflon Don shares the hilarious song a crush sent her
Stefflon Don shares the hilarious a crush sent her

British-Jamaican singer and rapper, Stefflon Don has recently shared the incredibly funny she received from a ‘crush’ recently.

The attractive rapper took to her official Instagram page to release a video that included a voice note of a message she received from a fan was clearly trying to shoot his shot at her.

She claims that she frequently receives such absurdly funny chats, but this specific one caught her attention, so she decided to share it with everyone.

The voice note disclosed the “melodious” performed by this unnamed crush, which was used to praise the rapper.

According to this unidentified ‘crush,’ the was written specifically for the Jamaican artist.

The which was sung in an off-tune manner and lacked properly coordinated lyrics had roused several hilarious comments from netizens found the song really funny.


This comes days after the rapper dropped a Tik-Tok video that seemly shaded her ex, for being a mummy’s boy.

Recall that has a very close relationship with his mother, Bose Ogulu, was once his manager.

In the viral video, the British singer was seen dancing energetically to a TikTok sound, with a caption insinuating that she would overjoyed she meets a prospective suitor, is not a mummy’s boy.

The video caption reads, “When he is a man and not a mummy’s boy.”

reacting to the video took to his Instagram story today, advising her to move on.

“Move on,” he wrote.

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