Citizen GP proposes the ‘Choose Right’ tag on new single | Listen

Citizen GP is out with new single, ‘Choose Right’.

Citizen GP proposes the'Choose Right' tag on new single | Listen
Citizen GP proposes the ‘Choose Right’ tag on new single | Listen


This new release from Citizen GP is political appeal to Nigerians to “Choose Right” and make sure that voters make their decisions from the heart in the upcoming election. Every word and line exudes positivity and upbeat energy; it’s feel-good anthem ideal for the closing days of summer.

This song’s flawless production, courtesy of skilled producer Gideon The Prelate, pours the sound of sunshine into every instrument and timbre.

It’s the perfect tune to encourage everyone to vote and serves as an upbeat background for everybody listening. Don’t miss it!

Citizen GP, native of Delta State, Nigeria, has long list of great accomplishments to his credit, including a degree in international studies and diplomacy from the University of Benin.

He has been demonstrably gifted musician for many years and has always worked to encourage positivity in others with each new album.

The singer-songwriter Citizen GP draws on the deep delight of his grandmother, who was also singer, as well as the American musicians that are described below and had significant impact on the development of his musical tastes. Righteous Soul musician Citizen GP makes that is sure to make you grin.

Listen up!


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