Throwback: 5 hit songs to celebrate the 10 years of Olamide’s “YBNL” album

Throwback: Celebrating 10 years of Olamide’s ‘YBNL’ album with 5 hit songs.

5 hit songs to celebrate the 10 years of Olamide's YBNL album
5 hit songs to celebrate the 10 years of Olamide’s YBNL album

Top 5 hit songs to remind us of the greatness of YBNL, the second album released by rapper, Olamide.

Olamide released his second album, “Yahoo Boy No Laptop,” ten years ago. It launched him into superstardom and elevated street hop to a whole new level.

When Olamide released “Eni Duro,” audiences were immediately drawn to him because of his unique talent. He immediately established himself as the next great figure in Nigerian music after releasing his debut album, “Rhapsodi.”

After leaving ID Cabasa’s Coded Tunez, Olamide had a lot riding on him, so he went out to prove himself. He established his own label, which he calls Yahoo Boy No Laptop (YBNL), and on November 12, 2012, he released an album under the imprint. And the rest is history, as they say.

Olamide showed off his writing prowess and ability to communicate his thoughts in Yoruba, English, and Pidgin while doing so with ease.

Ten years after its release, ‘YBNL‘ has gone on to become a classic, redefining street music in and elevating local rappers to the apex of Nigerian mainstream music.

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First of All

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Olamide-First of All

Back when Olamide was still a rising talent and everyone was still caught up in the fuse’s Azonto craze, The Baddo graced us with this Freestyle “First Of All.

The song was groundbreaking at the time, and Olamide deserves credit for dropping this banger.

Voice of the Street

Olamide launches his own television station, VOTS (Voice Of The Streets).
Olamide- Voice of the street

Olamide raps on his ambition and drives to succeed on the Tyrone-produced tune. Additionally, he raps on the zeal and drives that young hustlers like himself have.

He raps about his determination to blow, spiritual stunting – ‘eclipse flow nigga, mo so osan doru (I turned day to night)‘ and his divorce from poverty.

A really creative video was produced for the popular music at the moment. The song earned him a nomination for Lyricist on the Roll at the 2013 Headies Awards.

Ilefo Illuminati

5 hit songs to celebrate the 10 years of Olamide's YBNL album
Ilefo Illuminati

Albeit controversial, the song saw Olamide in one of his rawest moments as he raps on the 2Kriss-produced beat with braggadocio and confidence for a young budding rapper at that time.

In an interview, Olamide explained that Ilefo simply means to carry one’s self with a great deal of swagger and verve and that the song was about a person who carries himself with ‘scary swag’. The song was a form of response to his critics and naysayers.

Stupid Love

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Stupid Love

One of YBNL album’s best hits, “Stupid Love” was one of the songs that ushered Olamide into a new dimension as a pop singer.

This song was produced by Samklef who during the early 2010s was one of the rising talented producers in the country.


Panumo ft Davido

This was Olamide’s first collaboration with Davido who at that was also a rising music star like Baddo. The two would later on to collaborate on “Money” in 2015, “Summer ” and American rapper, Wale’s “Fine Girl” in 2017.

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