Wizkid reveals the reasoning behind “More Love, Less Ego” title

  • “Everyone fights with their and that’ where I’m at,” explains meaning of upcoming title.

  • explains the inspiration behind “More Love Less Ego” title

Wizkid reveals the reasoning behind "More Love, Less Ego" title
reveals the reasoning behind “More Love, Less Ego” title

Nigerian superstar, has opened up on why he named his fifth album, “More Love Less ” and the inspiration behind the title.

, who recently postponed the album’ release date, revealed in an interview with The Guardian that he takes an unconventional approach to music, recording every day and frequently abandoning entire albums if they do not seem right.

According to him;

“That’ always my process,” he says, matter of factly. “Make one, scrap it. Make another one, scrap it. Until I find the right one.” It must be an intense exercise. “It is, man. But I have a lot to say.”

Speaking on the album’ title and what inspired it, Big Wiz stated that he is at the point where he is constantly fighting his and not letting it get to his head.

“Everyone fights with their and that’s where I’m at, I’m still trying to shed my ego, like everyone else,” he told The Guardian.

He also attributed his success to the outcome of manifestation and a “purpose” that surpasses his own understanding.


“I’m a very spiritual human being,” he says. “I know I make a lot of club records but I feel like a pastor, really.”

Alongside managing his ego, also states that his aim for this new chapter is to live forever, not physically but for whatever he created to live forever.

Using the Jamaican music icon, Bob Marley as an example, he stated;

“I was like: ‘Yo, we’re watching a Bob Marley play and this guy died decades ago.’ I didn’t even know that he died at 36. He did so much at a young age. It just reaffirms what I do; I have to keep taking this to the highest heights. Because I know one day they’re definitely going to create a play about me.”

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