TG Omori reveals his plan for viral ‘Shey You dey whine me’ song

  • Ace video director TG Omori desperate to shoot for viral ‘Shey You dey whine me’ song

  • TG Omori shares his eagerness to shoot the for the hit song “Shey You dey whine me.”

TG Omori reveals his plan for viral'Shey You dey whine me' song
TG Omori reveals his plan for viral ‘Shey You dey whine me’ song

Ace cinematographer, TG Omori has joined the growing list of people who love the trending song “Shey you dey whine me,” which is taking over social media.

TG Omori has stated that he would want to film a for the popular song “Shey you dey whine me,” which has gained a tonne of popularity on social media.

According to TG, a tune with such widespread popularity deserves a spectacular to match, and he is eager to make it happen.

“I desperately need to meet that guy that sang that shey you Dey whine me song that song deserves a TG OMORI video cos what?!!!” the tweet reads.

‘Shey you dey whine me’: This is an indigenous gospel song from South-South Nigeria by Austine Emmanuel who shares that nothing will stop him from praising God.

A catchy part of the single which uses the popular phrase “Shey you dey whine me?” caught attention on TikTok and quickly became a viral sound.


Meanhwile, reported that TG Omori, has boasted about his abilities at his job and that he can charge outrageous amounts and artists will still pay.

The price of the brick, or his fee, will soon be one million dollars, and TG Omori isn’t messing around with his ability to direct music videos.

The award-winning videographer stated that he is going to start charging $1 million dollars for a video someday and people will pay.

Omori, behind some of the most recent blockbuster music videos, declared that if he does not pass away soon, he will undoubtedly want up to a million dollars for his services.

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