Oritse Femi’s wife confirms the end of their marriage

  • Oritse Femi and wife part ways over cheating allegations

  • The wife of Oritse Femi reveals that their marriage has ended.

Oritse Femi's wife confirms the end of their marriage
Oritse Femi’ wife confirms the end of their marriage

Nabila Fash, the estranged wife of the artist Oritse Femi, spoke candidly about her failed marriage with media figure Daddy Freeze.

In an interview with Daddy Freeze, Nabila stated that their marriage had ended and they were currently going through the divorce process.

Nabila revealed that the singer had given birth to a child while they were still married, to another lady.

According to her, Oritse Femi had two daughters from two other women before they met, and she adopted those as her own.

She said the musician had fathered a child with another woman while they were dating, was engaged to be wed, and had already given birth to a second daughter with the same woman.

She further said she had to deal with his constant cheating as several women contacted her to inform her of his cheating habits.

Nabila added that Oritse Femi was expecting his son with the fourth woman when he came to ask the public to help beg her and when she moved out of their home because he was physically abusive towards her.


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She went on to say that the musician is resisting the divorce because he still hopes for a reunion.

Nabila had made a search announcement for a woman who had been to her house on a Monday morning to have a sexual encounter with her husband the previous year.

Nabila claims that on a Monday morning after she left for work, a woman came by her house solely to have sex with her husband.

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