DJ Cuppy reveals how Nicki Minaj influenced her love for colour pink

  • DJ Cuppy reveals the artist who made her fall in with Pink

  • Real reason I fell in with the colour pink – DJ Cuppy gives American rapper, Nicki Minaj

DJ Cuppy reveals how Nicki Minaj influenced her love for colour pink
DJ Cuppy reveals how Nicki Minaj influenced her for colour pink

Florence Otedola, better known as DJ Cuppy, has explained how Nicki Minaj influenced her fondness for the colour pink.

Pink has always been the disc jockey’s favourite colour. From her hair to her clothing, accessories, and other possessions, pink is always the main colour. But we were never entirely sure why.

However, the singer DJ Cuppy recently revealed in a tweet that she gets her passion of the vivid colour from American rapper Nicki Minaj.

Cuppy added that the her for the colour gained root at the time that Nicki released her first music video for “Massive Attack.” It was unlike anything she had ever seen.

Furthermore, she declared Nicki Minaj to her greatest inspiration, stating that without Nicki, there would not any cuppy.

In her words:

“I’ve never actually explained how I fell in with the colour pink: well it was When Nicki did her debut video for “Massive Attack”I had never seen anything like it.

12 years later and Nicki is still my biggest inspo. There would no Cuppy without @NickiMinaj.”


In other news, Cuppy has lamented how tough it is to find from guys, which is part of her dating difficulties.

While speaking during a podcast, Femi Otedola’s daughter noted that she discovered guys in Nigeria want her dad and not her.

She said:

“Back I feel like so many guys don’t want me, they want my dad.”

The socialite remarked that she sometimes feels relieved when she meets guys in the UK who claim to from Nigeria but are unable to identify which village they are from. This is because it indicates that they are not truly Nigerian.

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