Why Wizkid is being compared to every artistes in the Nigeria music

These are why is being compared to every artistes in the music industry

Comparisons between emerging artists and are incorrect, recently, there has been a trend among music fans, particularly among teens, who believe that a new favourite artist in town is on par with or even superior to an established music superstar.

Music as an art is challenging, is the example and on a new level with Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber.

Why Wizkid is being compared to every artistes in the Nigeria music

It is difficult to work in the music industry for a decade, many people are unaware that many great artists only have sweet single careers, not that the rapidly developing talent has no potential, but sometimes having too high expectations

Reasons why is being compared to every artistes in the music industry

Consistency is greatness

Numerous fresh artists enter the scene, excel, and break records, but are overwhelmed when the industry becomes difficult. It’s not about playing well for a season, but rather consistently, like Messi and Ronaldo.
We frequently overlook the fact that maintaining a solid musical taste in a fanbase that seems hungry requires continual effort.

The wrong choice for comparison

We frequently contrast every single aspiring musician with Davido and Wizkid. No one opted to compare our three-year-old superstar acts with the quickly rising ones.

Many musicians have remained with the best local content, which we should value even though they are not as well-known internationally as Wizkid.

Most of the time, we overlook him and instead prefer to contrast music warlords with music soldiers.

Music is a business, not just a talent

Rising stars frequently rely too much on their talent and overlook aspects of the music industry including appropriate material, quality videos, publicity, avoiding scandals that could ruin their reputations, and others.

There have been instances where artists have been overcome by the adoration showered on them by jubilant and devoted followers. Yes, I did say that.

They ultimately make choices that have a negative impact on their career, the inability to control freedom from RECORD LABELS is one of them.

has successfully overcome and keeps overcoming the obstacles in the music industry to this point.

Every year new artists emerge

This holds true for the music business. The presents of good music that new artists provide us each year often don’t top those gifts, much like how gallantly new artists emerge each year.

When they discuss issues on social media, they struggle and are frequently referred to as “clout chasers” before being swept into obscurity. Amazing life. Every year, releases quality music.

What a blessing for the industry.

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