Brymo slams Peter Obi’s Supporters, Reaffirms His Support for Tinubu

  • Brymo Condemns Peter Obi’s Supporters, Reiterates Support For Tinubu

  • Brymo Criticizes Peter Obi’s supporters name, Reinforces His Support for Tinubu

Brymo slams Peter Obi's Supporters, Reaffirms His Support for Tinubu
Brymo slams Peter Obi’s Supporters, Reaffirms His Support for Tinubu

Brymo has criticised supporters of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, in the coming 2023 election.

Brymo shared his harsh opinion while denouncing individuals who had cyberbullied him for choosing to endorse Bola Tinubu, a presidential candidate for the All Progressives Party (APC).

Brymo, who has been quite outspoken in his support of Tinubu, maintained that the former governor of Lagos state possesses the necessary skills to become the next president of Nigeria.

The 36-year-old Afrobeat musician kicked back against those attempting to impose Peter Obi on him. According to him, the phrase “Obidient” meant that Obi’s supporters were being ordered, but all they did was follow orders, which is a sign of tyranny.

In a lengthy Twitter post, Brymo asked Obi’s fans to state they prefer him to other candidates running for the Office of the President in the forthcoming election.

“After the moaning could you please bring details of your aspirant’s preferability for the job? Could you share on and it may be most prudent to vote your choice? I’m for superior argument taking the lead, and I think my choice will spread city vibes across country,” he wrote.

“And since we’re being petty, and scolding each other for making terrible choices; Obedience suggests y’all are being commanded. I will not take part in the festering of tryrannical leanings.. you are already displaying symptoms of it too, insist on your way without explain!

“They are asking that I obey or have no peace..that I do not have mental capacity to choose different..that Obedience is only way..!!. It’s madness!..yet I’m not too famous or old for this, I no give up on them.

“…as on the day I tweeted ‘city boy’, I had no knowledge BAT had a slogan that was suggestive of entitlement in ‘Emi lo kan’… though not wrongly stated, .. He dropped the first slogan, followed unifying truth… ‘Obedience’ is out with the regimes, a movement like that spells doom,” Brymo stated.


Brymo also schooled a fan who advised him to steer clear of politics to focus on his career.

“You should not.. I’m one with the words I share… politics is the area all things seem to scream NO!… yet it is politics that governs and presides over all things within the polity!… to not choose one is to do so with another candidate.: and you do have an aspirant, who? Why?” he responded.

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