Femi Kuti hosts Peter Obi days after being dragged by ‘Obidients’

  • Peter Obi visits Femi Kuti at the New Afrika Shrine after threats from Obidients

  • Femi Kuti hosts Peter Obi at the Afrika SHrine days after being accused of calling ‘Obidients’ Zombies.

Femi Kuti hosts Peter Obi days after being dragged by'Obidients'
Femi Kuti hosts Peter Obi days after being dragged by ‘Obidients’

Nigerian singer and Instrumentalist, Femi Kuti hosted the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, at his home.

This came after he criticised the former Anambra State governor as being different from the other politicians he claims he wants to save Nigeria from.

Charly Boy, an entertainer, and Made Kuti, Kuti’s son, were also visible in photos that went viral online of the meeting.

This comes days after Femi Kuti claimed some fans of Peter Obi threatened to burn down New Afrika Shrine.

Through a video he put out on Twitter, the singer revealed that his family and their affair were being threatened.

He said some Obi fans had vowed they would burn the Afrika Shrine over reports that he called them ‘zombies’.

“I woke up today to insults, abusing me, my family, and my children. They threatened me saying they would burn the shrine because they said I said Peter Obi supporters are Zombies,” Femi said.

“First, what I said was that I was too angry, sad, and depressed to be obedient. How can anybody come up with such a term? I can’t be obedient. Enders, killings. My grandmother was killed and my father’s house burned.

“The oppression of my family. Obedient is sitting when you’re told to sit. I said Obi was friends with Atiku, becoming his vice president. If they had won, they’d be pals by now. I didn’t call Peter Obi supporters Zombies.”


Femi dissociated himself from the political campaign coinage Obidient”, adding that he maintains neutrality.

“I don’t like the [campaign coinage] Obi-dient. I don’t support Obi, Atiku Abibakar, and Bola Tinubu. I’ve never supported any political party,” he added.

“My family is already heartbroken. If Obi wins and things change, we will all jubilate. But who are you to tell me not to have my doubts? Don’t come threatening me saying you’d burn the shrine. Stop that rubbish.

“Stop insulting my family. They said Portable is better than me. I should be happy that the young are more popular. That’s how it should be. Fela was against [MKO] Abiola and [Olusegun] Obasanjo, yet Nigerians voted for them.

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