Fireboy DML reveals how Olamide encouraged him during the release of his albums

  • Fireboy DML Elaborates On Albums, Says ‘Peru’ Is His Biggest Song

  • Fireboy DML recounts how Olamide supported him during the release of his albums.

Fireboy DML reveals how Olamide encouraged him during the release of his albums
Fireboy DML reveals how Olamide encouraged him during the release of his albums

In a recent interview with UK broadcaster Adesope Olajide, Fireboy DML went into detail about the creation of his first two albums and how Olamide encouraged through it all.

Fireboy admitted that he was hesitant and afraid to release his debut album, “Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps (LTG),” because he had only released two singles up to that point.

He was pushed to by Olamide, the head of his label.

Fireboy expressed his gratitude that everything worked out because all he wanted was for people to listen to and love his music.

“I was doubtful. I was scared because I dropped that album two singles in. I mean who does that?

“Nobody does that. I’m like ‘why are you making this decision?’ But I had no idea why,” Fireboy DML said.

“Olamide also gave me that confidence. He stood with me in that decision. I was like if he is so confident about it, why not? Let’s do it too.

“I’m just glad it worked out. I just wanted people to listen to me and enjoy my music. I didn’t even have any idea that it was going to a classic album.

“But I always told God that I want a superstar kind of album. That’s one thing I know that Wizkid is still respected for today.

“I wanted that exact same kind of entrance into my career. I’m glad it all worked out.”


The 26-year-old singer born Adedamola Adefolahan, further mentioned that his albums could have longer or shorter spaces apart, it all depends on his mind space.

“Every album for me is a mind space. That’s why my album can nine months apart, it can also five years apart.

“When I get into a new headspace, when I feel like I’ve grown into another person when I feel like another character, then that’s another album.

“That’s what LTG was about. Young boy thrown into the new world of fame, money, women.

“That naivety, you could hear it in the songs.”

The ‘What If I Say’ singer said that the feeling that he told other people’s love and heartbreak stories birthed his sophomore album ‘Apollo’ which came in August 2020.

According to him, he wanted to tell his personal story to his fans and honest.

“Most of the stories I told in LGT were not really mine. The heartbreak stories were of the people’s hearts that I broke, not my own heart.

“The love stories were people’s love stories that I watched, not my love story. and I realized I was holding back.

“I was like let me give them an album where I told them my story and I was more honest. That was Apollo.”


He said that there was a long break after ‘Apollo’ and then, he had his first writer’s block in 2021.

“I was scared. I thought I had lost my ability to make music. I told Olamide. He asked if it was my first time, and I said ‘first time’.”

He said that Olamide asked him to go to the United States where he had a 15-minute walk on the street of New York while holding a cigarette that he wasn’t even smoking.

He then went to Miami and went to a strip club where he had the time of his life and was almost dragged out when he refused to leave.

Fireboy DML flew to San Francisco with the from Miami and made his hit single ‘Peru’

“Making that song changed my life, it opened my mind. I almost did not want to release it. It was a 40-45 minute freestyle,” he said.

“It was leaked by Olamide and Empire. They were like ‘we will leak this thing. I didn’t know they were serious.

“I didn’t want to release it because it felt like a half-hearted job. As an artiste I felt uncomfortable releasing a song

Fireboy added that Olamide told him not to overthink things when he wanted to polish the song before releasing it.

“Now, it’s my biggest song ever, yet,” he said.


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