Top 10 Olamide songs that have dominated the street till date

These are the Olamide songs that have dominated the charts to date

Though it wasn’t simple to build this list, I think my choices are sound, baddo too has catchy music, and here are the Olamide songs that have dominated the charts to date.

Though it wasn’t simple to build this list, I think my choices are sound. Baddo too has catchy music.

Top 10 Olamide songs that have dominated the charts till date
Olamide songs that have dominated the charts till date

Olamide, the CEO of YBNL, recently released a new song titled “Choko Milo,” and in my opinion, it wasn’t a sleeper like Olamide’s other songs had been.

Remember that Olamide has blessed you with an hit song from sometime in the past, therefore just because he didn’t release a song that appeals to your ears today shouldn’t make him an object of derision to your eyes anytime soon.

Olamide songs that have dominated the charts until this point

I have seen some awful comments about the new song “Choko Milo” but that has only made run the book of good music to list out these 10 Olamide’s songs that will still keep him the king of the street.


So guys fasten your seat belt and roll with me;

Eni Duro

Oldest but that’s what “Eni Duro” should be tagged as. Virtually the most blown song from Olamide.

The song was released in the year, 2010 and it wasn’t just Olamide’s debut single, it was also his breakthrough single.



During this period Durosoke drops, Olamide was the street conduit for Lambas (Slangs). Immediately Baddo drops a new slang, the whole hood spread it like bad news.

From every angle of the street, you will hear people hailing their superior with the slang “Baba, Shey Ko Duro Soke

The song was released in 2013, and it happens to be one of the tracks in the “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth” album.


Eleda Mi

The prayer-inclined song was released around 2013 end, and it was the best thing that happened to many music lovers during that period.

Most of us chant this song loudly when it shuffles in, as we use it as a prayer point. “Ma Ko le, ma ni motor



Oya Wo! Up to the little kids on the street, Everyone can sing along this big song.

At its year of release, Wo! happens to be the best song in Nigeria, and even up till now we still go gaga anytime it bops up.


Melo Melo

When Melo Melo drops most of Olamide‘s were of saying that the song was the Rap pattern we’ve been enjoying, as Olamide experimented with his love singing skills on it.

The song actually grew on us, and it places us in that emotional aura anytime we sing along with it. Olamide used this song as an appraisal tool for his Fiancee.


Story For The Gods

As I’ve said earlier that Olamide is the source of the street slang. When Olamide drops the song “Story For The Gods” the whole bounce on it turns it into a response to irrelevant talks.

The song was released in the year 2014, and as of then, Olamide was the force the whole industry was reckoning with.


First Of All

You ain’t a real street if someone said “First of all” and you are not able to complete it with “Introduction” or “Go Low”

Olamide cemented his love in the heart of many music lovers with the song “First Of All“, it was released in 2012 and happens to be his 3rd official release in the Industry.


Who Epp?

Who Epp was originally a freestyle from Olamide, but it blew up so big.

Other celebrities in the game also jumped on the Who Epp challenge and from it, a mega monster song was released alongside Phyno, and Wande Coal.

The term “Who U Epp” eventually became a widely used slang in Nigeria and Diaspora.



Eyin Omo Wobey!!! With the advent of the party starter song “Bobo” Baddo curated a new dance step tagged “Shakiti Bobo” and it enveloped everywhere in 2015.

Bobo was included in the Eyan Mayweather album.


Science Student

While Shaku Shaku’s trend was in vogue, Olamide jumps on it with “Science Student” and it happens to be one of the biggest songs that year.

The title was also one of the most used slang in 2018, anybody doing drugs will be automatically termed a “Science Student“.


There you have my own Olamides that will still linger in our heads anytime any day as long as Music Industry is concerned.

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