Why Olamide and Nasty C shouldn’t be compared

These are why Olamide and Nasty C shouldn’t be compared in African music space

Why Olamide and Nasty C shouldn’t be compared are simply because they both have different spaces in their career.

The debate over whether Olamide or Nasty C is the greatest rapper of all is raging on Twitter among fans.

Why Olamide and Nasty C shouldn't be compared
Why Olamide and Nasty C shouldn’t be compared

Many people consider it an insult that Nasty C, a South African rapper, and Olamide, a Nigerian rapper, are being compared to one another

Firstly let us start with their various resumes so far in their career, Olamide is one of the pioneers of dialect rap singers of Yoruba language pidgin English in Nigeria, arguably resurrected a sub-genre called  ‘Street hop’ and here is why Why Olamide deserves more flowers.

Why Olamide and Nasty C shouldn't be compared
Why Olamide and Nasty C shouldn’t be compared

Also, Olamide was a rapper revolutionised the Nigerian rap industry, practically infused English with his native dialect, a Nigerian sub-genre known as street hop.

Obviously, the impact and influence of Indigenous rappers like Da Grin, Lord of Ajasa and I.D Cabasa cannot be underestimated or left out when talking about the sub-genre, as those were really inspiring good times for the street, serving us a lot of gems that help popularise it to other parts of the country and laid the foundation for what the culture is today.

Why Olamide and Nasty C shouldn't be compared

Meanwhile, Nasty C has been a trailblazer in the genre, representing an entire African continent on the international stage.

However, when it comes to the purity of his flowing, his crisp voice, distinct range, and context selection, his career currently suggest. He has been pursuing his dreams since childhood when legend has it, he began rapping and learning to lay tracks at age nine under the tutelage of his older brother.

Why Olamide and Nasty C shouldn't be compared
Nasty C

The birth name ‘Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo‘ popularly known as Nasty C is a South Africa Rapper, record producer, and songwriter, he steadily infiltrates the main stage around 2014, before his debut album titled ‘Bad Hair’ a 15 tracks project in 2016 after dropping 2 mixtapes and 2 EP simultaneously.

Nasty C took the world by surprise with the exceptionally fast pace in a short time, from steadily dropping of hard projects to inter dominance with hit songs, selling outside of the country to the world, he singlehandedly reinvented trap-infused as a subgenre.

In 2020 he signed to Def Records, joining the likes of Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Logic, Big Sean, Kanye West, Nas, 2 Chainz, Teyana Taylor, YG, Dave East, Jeezy, Jeremih, Valee, Lady Gaga,  Pusha T, Amir Obè, Fabolous, Krept and Konan, Desiigner. 

Now let’s talk about the impact of both artists, streams, and the number of artists lifted by any of them

However, on youtube, Nasty C has a total of 132million views and Olamide has 344million views, Olamide has brought more than 15 artistes to the limelight while Nasty c has no artistes popping in his name.

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