Nigerian Artists who are heavily influenced by Fuji

.ng presents Nigerian Artists who are heavily influenced by Fuji.

Nigerian Artists who are heavily influenced by Fuji
Nigerian Artists who are heavily influenced by Fuji

Fuji music’s impact can now be found throughout Nigerian mainstream music, with artists such as Olamide, Teni, and others continuously incorporating and sampling fuji melodies into their sounds, as well as collaborating with fuji musicians.

As Afrobeats grows in popularity, artists of our generation are looking back to earlier artists and genres who dominated the Nigerian music industry in the past for inspiration.

The influence of these famous singers can be found in the songs we’re listening to today, from Abas Akande Obesere to King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (KWAM 1).

Here are some Nigerian artists whose tracks are influenced by fuji music’s never-ending groove:


Male Nigerian artists that have maintained consistency since their debut

Olamide is one of nIgeria’s greatest to come out from the 2010s. Since his rise to fame thanks to his breakout hit, “Eni Duro“, Olamide has proven to be one of the most consistent hitmakers of his time, having released over ten albums.

While his style of rapping is mostly indigenous, Olamide is influenced by Fuji and he is known for sampling popular fuji songs in his own songs.

On his 2013 album, Baddest Guy Ever Liveth, Nigeria’s number one baddo takes us on trip down memory lane thanks to his lyricism and badass sample of KWAM 1’s fuji hit, Orin Abode Mecca Medley, which was released in the 1980s.


Nigerian Artists who don't have Tattoos on their body

Teni must have grown up listening to Fuji because some of her songs proves this to be true. In 2018, Teni cemented her position as one of the most exciting stars to watch out for when she dropped ““, fuji-influenced Afropop hit.

Askamaya was everywhere, and we couldn’t get away from it. It borrows Adewale Ayuba’s old school fuji song, Omoge Cinderella, and has become popular street and club anthem.

Nigerian artists who are constantly involved in Controversial issues

While Burna Boy has established himself as the King of Fela samples, is deserving of his own title, this time for sampling some of our favourite Fuji bangers.

Most of his earliest songs have drawn inspiration from Fuji songs.

Tapping another musical rebel, two of the Marlian leader’s hits from 2019 sample songs from fuji legend, Obesere.

On Pxta, there’s clear sample of Obesere’s 2002 song, Obutun. And on Opotoyi, dips his hand into the Obesere bag to pull out Papa Worldwide.

He also Oesere’s American Faaji Series for his 2018 “Japa” hit song.

When broke into the music scene, he was known as the king of modern folk music but sometimes his lyrics share similarities with lyrics from fuji artists.

In his collaboration with DJ Tunez, sings about happiness and love on song titled ‘My Love” that samples KWAM 1’s Can’t Just Stop Thinking about You.

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