Fave Delivers Stunning Live Performance of ‘Baby Riddim’

  • Fave performs her hit songs on live rendition 

  • The singer reveals live performance of her hit song

Fave Delivers Stunning Live Performance of'Baby Riddim'
Fave Delivers Stunning Live Performance of ‘Baby Riddim’

vocalist, Fave has shared a of her live performance on for her smash hit, Baby Riddim which is her latest and probably her best single so far.

She shared the via her page on Friday, the 14th of January 2022.

Fave shared the on Youtube for her fans to see her deliver dazzling live performance of her most recent song, Baby Riddim.

Produced by talented beatmaker Damie, Baby Riddim served as Fave’s second official single for the year 2021.

It is follow-up to her previous record, the Steph Keys produced Beautifully. The official for the song was directed by The Alien.

The singer stated on her Instagram page that she has posted new live performance of her song on YouTube.

She wrote:
Special performance of our special song- BABY RIDDIM now on YouTube

Watch the below:

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