Wizkid, Ayra Starr & Fireboy, a magic collaboration that should hit us

Many times, the most unexpected collaborations in the music industry make the loudest hits – such is the disposition Mp3bullet opines on a Wizkid, Ayra Starr, and Fireboy collaboration.

Wizkid, Ayra Starr & Fireboy, a magic collaboration that should hit us
Wizkid, Ayra Starr & Fireboy, a magic collaboration that should hit us

Mp3bullet.ng shares insights into what a Wizkid, Ayra Starr, and Fireboy DML collaboration would be like.

Being a major team player in their various recording labels, Wizkid, Ayra Starr, and Fireboy have achieved and earned their top spots in the hearts of many fans.

The qualities of their arts have in many ways become a relevant part of Nigerian music culture, creating and modifying beautiful sounds.

All three have in no way had any song together, and this kind of collaboration is certainly what we anticipate.

While Wizkid is a registered hit-maker, he is currently Nigeria’s most celebrated singer – pushing and aggressively promoting the Afrobeat, Afropop music culture globally.

With over 10 years of relevance, The Starboy frontman can swiftly engage in almost all the active music genres and deliver!

Wizkid, Ayra Starr & Fireboy, a magic collaboration that should hit us

Ayra Starr, the fast-rising ‘Bloody Samaritan‘ crooner is another next big thing the industry prepares to launch into the world.

Housing her career under the Mavin imprint, Ayra is a great composer whose mode of delivery is strictly Afropop.

Securing her entry into the year 2020, Ayra has become a top contender amongst her peers.

Lastly, there is Fireboy DML – the originator of the ‘Afro-life’ sound, a music Megatron who has been giving us back-to-back sensations since his entry in 2018.

As a matter of fact, there is really no connection between the trio when talking about their artistry prowess or music convictions, other than they perform in the pop genre.

Wizkid, Ayra Starr & Fireboy, a magic collaboration that should hit us

However, the beauty of such a collaboration will be the hybrid of sounds, and vibes produced!

A hybrid, more powerful, and more authentic than the “usual/registered collaborations.”

It will take a dynamic form, swindling in the blend of core Afropop with some juicy Afro-life movements.


The first verse surely has to be Fireboy’s; this is because of his ability to quickly capture one’s attention, going by his gifted voice.

Then, Wizkid takes control, creating the balance of flow, by bringing more life into what the YBNL youngster has started.

Wizzy unlike many artistes has the shinning ability to dominate any song, and thus, taking the shine for virtually the whole ‘vibe’, whether featured or features.

Ayra finally comes in with the final blow; providing an energized and epilogue sound with her celestial vocals.

Certainly, such collaboration amongst these three will be best produced by “Legendury Beatz” or ‘Pheelz’.

Beneficiary, they may just pull another global hit like “Essence”, and that includes all of the fame and glory that came with it! If it doesn’t, it will surely top charts and become a sensations fans await.

In conclusion, Wizkid, Fireboy DML, Ayra Starr are three different music personae enc-crafted in their unique ability.

When this trio decides to make a collaboration, the expectations will be an Afropop blend, swaying in the flow of an Afro-life sensation.

It will be an instant hit, topping charts as expected and more importantly, the birth of something unique and never heard.

The beauty of a Wizkid, Ayra Starr & Fireboy, magic collaboration is proof of the ever evolvement and lovely bond the Nigerian music industry witnesses daily.

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