Harrysong explains why he wasn’t with his wife in the Labour room

On Thursday, December 9, 2021, singer Harrison Okiri, better known as , became a father when his wife, Alex, gave birth to a baby girl in Malta while he was in Nigeria.

Harrysong explains why he wasn't with his wife in the Labour room
explains why he wasn’t with his wife in the

Many assumed that because it was his first child, would be in the delivery room with his wife, but he recently disclosed that he had some business to attend to in Nigeria.

The excited father told Punch Saturday Beats,

“My wife is in Malta and that was she had our beautiful daughter. But, I am in Nigeria at the moment to handle my business. I also have shows back home. I feel blessed being a father. I am practically the happiest man right now.”

Asked whether fatherhood would change some things about him, the singer said, “I am just very excited about it but I don’t know being a father would change anything about me until I experience it. What I know is that I am so excited and I cannot to hold my child, look into her eyes and know what it actually feels like to be a father.

“This is a blessing for me because my baby arrived in the morning, I released a song titled ‘she knows’ that same day. I featured Olamide and on the song and I cannot for my fans to experience it.”

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